Nvidia’s new GPU is so chonk its interconnect is almost the size of an RTX 3090 chip

Nvidia’s new Hopper server GPU architecture has spawned a mammoth chip. And I’m not even talking about the 80 billion transistor H100 graphics processor itself. Nope, the new NVSwitch baked into the DGX 100 server system is reportedly home to some 25 billion transistors—that’s just shy of the number inside the GA102 GPU inside the RTX 3090.

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The NVSwitch chip is the interconnect which allows multiple instances of NVLink—the direct chip-to-chip connection—to talk and enable lots of Nvidia graphics cards to work together. That means they can pool their resources to power through complex calculations faster than a single GPU, or even two GPUs, would be able to on their own. 

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