Power Chord follows in the deckbuilding footsteps of Slay the Spire, but with more electric guitars

Do lead guitarists have rage problems, as a general rule? Maybe it’s an ego thing, or maybe it’s exclusive to guitarists who find themselves using their guitars as battle axes against legions of demons. Either way, I’m not complaining: stacking rage charges on a guitarist in Power Chord, an upcoming roguelike deckbuilder, turned out to be the fastest way to multiply my melee damage in this bizarre death battle of the bands.

Power Chord isn’t shying away from its debt to Slay the Spire: its map screen is practically an identical sequence of branching paths leading to battles, treasures and mystery encounters. The broad strokes are the same, but the way Power Chord uses its cards is pretty different than Slay the Spire or Monster Train, the second most popular game in this popular genre. In Slay the Spire your whole deck is devoted to a single character, while in Monster Train your deck includes a mix of creature cards and spells. In Power Chord, your team of four—aka band—is always on the field, and your deck is composed of color-coded cards unique to each bandmate. 

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