Seagate’s new hard drives show it’s on track to deliver 50TB HDDs by 2026

Seagate keeps pushing the limits of hard disk drives and has just released the SkyHawk AI HDD, which is now available at a whopping 20TB. This is a drive aimed at network video recorders with support for some AI cleverness no less, and isn’t really aimed at the likes of you and me, but still, it’s a good sign that Seagate is on track to fulfil its promise of 50TB hard drives by 2026.

Back in May last year Seagate launched its Mach.2 Exos 2X14, which weighed in at an impressive 14TB, and since then it has continued to release newer, denser drives. It now offers 20TB versions of the IronWolf Pro (NAS) and Exos X20 (Enterprise), with the newly announced SkyHawk AI being the latest model to get the 20TB treatment.

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