The coolest thing I saw at GDC: software that animates anything

Star Trek’s holodeck is one of the most alluring sci-fi technologies: You give a few verbal instructions to a computer, and boom, you’re on a street in 1940s San Francisco, or wherever you want to be. We may never have holograms you can touch, but the part where a computer can generate any 3D scene it’s asked for is being worked on right now by a small studio in London.

At the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco on Wednesday, Anything World CEO Gordon Midwood asked me what I wanted to see. I said I wanted to see a donkey, and a few seconds later, a donkey was walking around on the screen in front of us. Sure, it sort of walked like a horse, and yeah, all it did was mosey around a field, but those are just details. The software delivered on its basic promise: I asked for a donkey and a donkey appeared. 

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