The Halo TV series has absolutely no vibes

Who is the Halo series for? That question popped up time and time again while I watched the premiere, a decade-plus wait for Halo’s inevitable telly adaptation resulting in a Paramount show that, if we’re brutally honest, kicked off on pretty lousy footing.

I sat in a Discord call with seasoned Halo veterans and series newcomers alike, synced up to react to every goofy CG alien, every unearned character reveal, and every sly Mass Effect reference. Returning to that question dominated the call as we tolerated the first of nine Spartan-packed episodes. Paramount’s Halo is too much of a break from established lore to satisfy Halo fans, but it also has no desire to bring outsiders up to speed. Master Chief is here, he’s shooting guys, and it’s taken for granted that you think this guy is the coolest badass in the galaxy.

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