The Witcher: Ronin manga free preview showcases Geralt’s troubles in Japan

In September 2021, CD Projekt went to Kickstarter to raise funds for a Witcher-based manga called The Witcher: Ronin. It struck me as odd at the time—does CD Projekt really need Kickstarter’s help to launch a new Witcher project?—but the studio said the real goal was “to see if this new concept for The Witcher would be something that fans would be interested in,” and of course it was: The campaign was tremendously successful.

The Kickstarter campaign offered an exclusive hard copy edition of The Witcher: Ronin, but a standard edition, available through purchase through regular retail channels, was also promised. Today Dark Horse announced that its take on the tale will be out in October, and shared a free preview of what fans can look forward to.

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