Vampire Survivors will get 9 more characters, 5 new stages, and 16 new weapons before release

Vampire Survivors, a game we called “the best pocket change you can spend on Steam“, has a proper development roadmap now. In a post on Steam, game creators poncle have outlined what they want to do with the game moving forward. It’s pretty exciting if, like me, you’re mesmerized by the $3 game about killing skeletons and ghosts with weapons you can’t really control very well.

There are nine more characters, five more levels, 16 more weapons, and two more power ups coming. Alongside that, more achievements are coming, as are more Relics, like the recently-released Treasure Map, and Arcanas, which look like tarot deck cards and who knows what they do—but the roadmap says they’re coming in April!

Vampire Survivors first roadmap March 2022

(Image credit: poncle)

“Thanks to the overwhelming success and support from the players, new content has started to come out at a much faster pace than anticipated and the roadmap has also been expanded significantly. The amount of playable characters planned for version 1.0 of the game has been doubled and so has the number of stages with the introduction of bonus/challenge ones. A dozen new weapons have been designed and a handful of new power-ups thrown into the mix,” says developer Poncle.

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